GFI Rules and Regulations – PDF File

Mini Riders Code of Ethics – Recommended reading for everyone attending an event. -PDF File

New Class Structure effective January 1, 2009

  • The 125cc classes are for 125cc two strokes ONLY – No four strokes
  • The 250cc classes will allow the 125cc and the 250cc four strokes
  • The 450cc classes and up will allow the 250cc two strokes, 250cc&450cc four strokes and any of the 500cc bikes  –  NO 125cc bikes in this class
  • The 85cc open class is for any 85cc class to ride.(Beg,Nov,Int Exp,supermini or big wheel. If you only have a big wheel ( 19″front&16″ back wheel) the you have to ride it in the Supermini or open big wheel class
  • The 150cc four stroke bikes will be allowed in the Supermini class and the 150cc mini class age 16 and younger
  • The Collegeboy class is age 16 to 24 on 125cc or larger bikes – no minis
  • The Schoolboy class will be age 15 and younger with 125cc two strokes and 250cc four strokes ONLY  –  NO minis
  • For the First Timers classes in the 50cc, 65cc&the 85cc bikes, you will be allowed one race in that class – then you must race beginner
  • 80cc Beginner, Novice, Intermediate and Expert classes must have wheel rim sizes of 17″ front and 14″ rear. (No Big Wheels allowed) The Big Wheel and Supermini Classes can have 19″ front and 16″ rear


Age Group classes are based on birth date, except for the Dodge National.  Your age at the Dodge Nationl is based on your age as of January 1st.

If a riders birthday is in the middle of a series he or she4 can finish the series in that class


Class 1 is for 4-6 Stock
Class 2 is for 7-8 Stock
Class 3 if for PW/JR classes (Only 3 bikes qualify )

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